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Feb 2018
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Hey there! We just learned Imogen will be attending the 2018 Glasgow Film Festival towards the end of this month for her upcoming independent film “Mobile Homes” so we’re excited about that, hopefully it’ll do well. Meanwhile we added 600+ HD screencaps from the 2011 short film called Rule Number Three, where Imogen plays Rachel. The short is intriguing, almost completely silent, focusing mainly on face expressions and awkward silences. It makes you feel like you’re right there with the characters feeling as uncomfortable as them. If you didn’t see it already you should, you can purchase it on Itunes and Amazon. The short also stars Nicholas Hoult. We also added 5 production stills, 7 behind the scenes photos and 2 promotional posters. Take a look!

Movies > 2011 Rule Number Three > Production Stills
Movies > 2011 Rule Number Three > Promotional Posters
Movies > 2011 Rule Number Three > Behind the Scenes
Movies > 2011 Rule Number Three > HD Screencaptures

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