Chatroom [HD Caps + Photos]

Hey there guys! There aren’t many new photos or news of our girl lately so we’re taking this time to add whatever is missing from the Photogallery. We’re doing our best to bring you the best quality content possible and we guarantee that a lot of the photos found here cannot be found anywhere else. We know it’s a slow process and we still need to add the photoshoots but we’re adding photos from her all of movies for now (And there are many! Imogen kept herself very busy these past years). Today we added 2600+ HD screencaps from the 2010 movie called Chatroom, where Imogen plays Eva. This movie tackles many important issues that new generations have to deal with in this internet ruled era, it’s an interesting watch. You can learn more about it here. The film also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Matthew Beard. We also added 34 production stills and posters. Take a look!

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