2018 The Olivier Awards

Imogen attended the 2018 The Olivier Awards for her nomination as Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Play on April 8, 2018 in London, UK. She looked so beautiful, her hair looked awesome at the event, it’s a few shades lighter now and she cut it to a bob (or it may be a faux one) + her dress was so fabulous! We added about 46 photos, stay tuned cause we’ll be adding some high quality photos soon! Edit: We now have 119 photos so go check them out!

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  1. OH lord she looks so pretty, shame she didn’t got the award though but hell, still being nominated for her first time on stage is not a bad thing either.

    Also I so CAN’T tell if she actually cut her into a bob or if she styled it into a faux bob (as I have had my hair in such style) since with the way her hair looks in some of these it looks like it’s faux, will need more pics of her in the future.

  2. Yes I was hoping she’d win the award so much but you’re right it’s pretty awesome she got nominated anyway.

    I know right? In the first draft of this update I wrote it was a faux bob but then I changed my mind and wrote she cut her hair though I’m not sure either. Yeah, let’s hope she’ll attend another event soon and not in a few months.

  3. Yes, it would have been awesome, but still nabbing a nomination not so shabby feat either, so proud of her!

    It is a mystery, isn’t it? I am still boggling my mind over it and waiting, though you are right she has kind of been laying low (though she has always been good at that) so we don’t know when we might see her again to confirm.

    1. True, she’s a pro at laying low even if she’s dating James Norton (based on last year’s paparazzi photos) who has quite a bit of star power himself. Good for them.

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