Bouquet of Barbed Wire

Character: Prue Sorenson
Directed by: Ashley Pearce
Written by: Guy Andrews
Produced by: ITV
Premiere date: September, 6 2010
Genre: Drama

Prue Sorensen is a university student who, after becoming pregnant, marries American actor. Her father, Peter Manson, is a publisher who appears to have an unhealthy relationship with his daughter and becomes distressed over both his daughter's pregnancy and her marriage. The announcement of Prue's pregnancy creates tension between Peter and Gavin which Prue exploits for her own amusement. It is implied that Prue has engineered the marriage and pregnancy to provoke her father.

Cast & Characters

Trevor Eve (Peter Manson), Hermione Norris (Cassie Manson), Imogen Poots (Prue Sorenson), Tom Riley (Gavin Sorenson)